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Set of 3 mini Fairy Babies


This set of three mini Fairy Babies is perfect for hours of imaginative play! The set consists of one of each of the mini sized Fairy Babies, measuring 12cm x 6cm each. They are just the right size for a little girl’s doll house, and they are so pretty that they could also be used as ornaments around a home or office to bring a little fairy magic into the lives of more grown-up girls!

I envisioned the fairy babies as flower buds hanging from a big beautiful tree, which was why I thought it would be a good thing for them to be able to hang if they needed to. There is a ribbon loop attached to the tip of each Fairy Baby’s hat.

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I designed the Fairy Babies with very little girls in mind – I felt that taking care of the hair and clothing of the Fairy Caravan dolls may be a little too complicated for girls younger than 3 years old, so I invented a simple baby doll for them. Although the outer leaves on the front of the Babies are loose to add interest and invite a peak at the flower petal swaddling and little hands, they have been stitched into the side seams of the dolls and therefore cannot come loose. The hats of the Fairy Babies have also been stitched to the dolls at several points around their heads, so it will not come off.

The Fairy Baby dolls have been made from from 100% cotton fabric (excluding the organza ribbon attached to the tip of the hat). All of the fabric panels from which the dolls are made have been digitally printed with my original illustrations. The ink used for the printing process is water based, non-toxic, washable and soft to the touch.

The Fairy Baby dolls have been tightly stuffed with all new polyester filling, making it soft, squishy and durable. The Fairy Babies can be carefully spot-cleaned, or hand-washed with a mild detergent. After washing and drying the Fairy Babies should be plumped up and the filling moved around a bit to make it look as good as new again.

The mini doll sized versions of the Fairy Babies are ideal for slightly older girls to play with – especially in a doll house setting. They will also make beautiful ornaments for grownup girls who have never quite outgrown the magic of Fairyland!


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