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Cara gets cross – children’s audio book and eBook

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A story about feeling angry.

Sometimes we can get ourselves into trouble when we feel angry and act before we think. This children’s eBook shows us that we don’t always make the best decisions when we are angry, but luckily everything ends well at the end – thanks to Cara’s friends!

This story is ideal for children between 4 and 9 years old.

This is not a physical product – you will receive an email with links to the downloadable files instantly upon purchasing this product. Find out more about the files that are included in the product description below.


This illustrated children’s audio book and eBook shows children that it is OK to get angry, but that we should probably not make rash decisions while we are feeling angry.

Cara is cross with her friends. They started fighting when they wanted to row a little boat down the river. She walks around hissing and spitting, but then Cara has an idea: She will take the boat down the river on her own!

Read all about Cara’s adventure and what she learns about being cross in this story.

The story and illustrations are by Liesl van der Hoven.

Play therapist Lenka de Villiers-van Zyl acted as an advisor on this story, as well as on the helpful questions for discussion that we have included in a separate document. These questions will help parents, teachers and therapists to start discussions with children about the ideas mentioned in the story.

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Details about this eBook:

Publisher: Fairy Caravan
Language: English

After completing your purchase, you will immediately receive an email with the following:

  • A link to the online story page (Illustrated in full colour, view-able on all devices)
  • A printable story PDF (A4 size, Illustrated in full colour) 
  • An audio book file in English (MP3 format)
  • Printable story questions for discussion



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