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Why we created a picture book for anxious children

Why we created a picture book for anxious children

Play therapist Lenka and I sometimes get asked why the first book we created was a picture book for anxious children. I think the simple answer is because anxiety seems to be such a common problem. Everyone, from very young children to teenagers to adults, seem to be either struggling with some form of anxiety, or knows someone who does.

Last week Lenka and I were the speakers at Masikhule's ECD Hub meeting, and we were quite overwhelmed by how many people shared stories like these with us:

  • "My teenage son/daughter struggles with anxiety..."
  • "My child is at university and is really struggling to cope..."
  • "I often feel anxious myself..."

And most heartrendingly:

  • "Some of the little ones in my class have a tough time coping with everyday activities because they are so anxious..."

What we wanted to achieve with our picture book for anxious children

When Lenka and I started working on our book last year, we hoped to make a difference in the lives of children. We wanted to make a book that would really help children. We wished to offer practical tips that children would find helpful in real life, and weave them into our story.

Lenka sees many anxious children in her practice where she works with children every day. We both hear it from friends, family and their little ones.

We realise that many issues in our fast-paced, results driven society cause people to feel anxious. But changing these issues will take time.

Empowering children to overcome emotional challenges

In the mean time, we hope to offer practical tips that children can add to their emotional toolkit. We believe that our book can help to empower children to overcome challenges on the journey of growing up.

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