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We can now accept card payments with our Yoco card machine!

We can now accept card payments with our Yoco card machine!

Here at Fairy Caravan, I’ve always been able to accept a variety of payments via our online shop. I have invested in a Yoco card machine so that we can also accept card payments when you meet us in person! 

Lenka and I are still eagerly awaiting the arrival of our new book, and we will be visiting many schools with our book. I thought the card machine would be a good investment. Most people I know, myself included, do not carry a lot of cash with them anymore, which make it awkward when you see something you would like to buy, and card facilities are not available.

Testing my new Yoco

Yesterday morning I attended an Xtraordinary Women network meeting, and I took a few pretty things from the Fairy Caravan shop with me. September is an important birthday month – and it is Spring in Cape Town! What better excuse to spoil yourself – or your favourite little girl – with something pretty!

I was met with an overwhelmingly positive response! The Yoco card machine made it so much easier for quite a few ladies to get their hands on the perfect little gift!

An owl bag for my Yoco

I’ve made myself a special Owl bag where I can keep my Yoco card machine. It will be handy when I am out and about at schools or other places where I can show people our new books and things from our shop!

If you’re interested in knowing where Lenka and I will be visiting with our books as soon as they arrive, please sign up for our newsletter!

P.S. We have found a solution to the problem at the printers that I reported to you last week! Although our book launch date has had to be delayed, we are still hoping to have them ready before the end of the month – I will keep you updated!


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