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Inspiring magical childhood journeys with caring stories and handcrafted toys

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Why we create "caring stories" for children

When I started working with play therapist Lenka in 2017, we immediately saw how we could help children by addressing emotional challenges through the stories that we worked on together. We wanted to create stories that would be helpful in everyday situations as well as in therapy. Caring stories for children helps to develop empathy…

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Safe space meditation to help an anxious child

I’ve loved working on this safe space meditation, and I hope that you will find it helpful! I am a huge believer in the positive effects of meditation – even (or perhaps especially!) for young children. When to use this meditation This meditation can help an overwhelmed child find a calm and safe space in…

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Why we created a picture book for anxious children

Play therapist Lenka and I sometimes get asked why the first book we created was a picture book for anxious children. I think the simple answer is because anxiety seems to be such a common problem. Everyone, from very young children to teenagers to adults, seem to be either struggling with some form of anxiety,…

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