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Safe space meditation to help an anxious child

Safe space meditation to help an anxious child

I’ve loved working on this safe space meditation, and I hope that you will find it helpful! I am a huge believer in the positive effects of meditation – even (or perhaps especially!) for young children. When to use this meditation This meditation can help an overwhelmed child find a calm and safe space in…

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This story will teach children about meditation!

This month we teach children about meditation

Our newest eBook story is Sitting still like a Dassie! In this story, Diana Dassie teaches Little Owl how to overcome his feelings of anguish after a fight with his little brother. Diana Dassie does this by teaching Little Owl to close his eyes and focus on his breathing. In short, she teaches Little Owl about…

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The NEW Story Club!

The NEW Story Club - you will love the improvements we've made!

After launching our new Story Club in May last year, I’ve had some valuable feedback from my first subscribers! One of the requests that I received most often, was to try and find a way to display both illustrations and story text at the same time.

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