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Studio news for March 2019

Studio news for March 2019

Did you know that I have some free children’s meditations available on Insight Timer? My studio news for March 2019 is that Lenka and I have also been making plans to create an audio course for this meditation app!

In March I received a wonderful surprise when I was contacted by the lovely people from Insight Timer. I’ve had three meditations uploaded on the app for a while now, and they are doing well, so I’ve been asked to upload more!

Lenka and I had a chat about it, and we’re in the planning phases of developing an audio course for Insight Timer. We’ve submitted our course proposal, and now we wait for approval and/or suggestions of things we need to change. Do visit Insight Timer for thousands of guided meditations to listen to – for children and adults. If you’re specifically looking for my meditations, you will find them here.

March was a lovely productive month for me. I managed to finish the illustrations that will be printed on fabric so I can finally make my new meerkat character! This meerkat will have the starring role in my second book!

I’ve also made some more sleepy animal pillows – do visit the shop if you’ve been looking for one that has been out of stock!

In March 2019 I…

  • Made more sleepy animal pillows
  • Completed the illustrations for my meerkat doll character
  • Had a meeting with Lenka to plan our course for Insight Timer
  • Sent our course proposal to Insight Timer

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