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Sometimes even a fairy takes a tumble!

Sometimes even a fairy can take a tumble!

Dearest Fairy Caravan Friends, I have come across a challenge in bringing our new book to you, and the launch date for the book will have to be postponed a little while longer.

Please do not fear – the book will ABSOLUTELY become available during the month of October 2018! But right now I am unable to tell you an exact date!

A problem at the printers…

Right now, I am working on a solution to the problem with my printer. Because you know that I only bring you the best quality products – ALWAYS. That is my promise to you. I didn’t tell you all about my values earlier this year to fail you now.

Violet the flower fairy (seen in the photo and also a key character in our first book) just gave me a pat on the shoulder and a few consoling words. She said that even fairies sometimes fall on their faces when they try to fly too fast or too high. But then they always (fairy!)dust themselves off and try to do better next time!

I am truly sorry to those of you who were eagerly awaiting a book next Monday. But I promise the end product will be worth the wait! I will keep you updated with the progress and am still super excited about sharing this book with the world!

With lots of love and covered in fairy dust,

Liesl van der Hoven

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