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Rabbit wall stickers – just in time for Easter!

Bunnies catching stars vinyl stickers

I am SO happy to share my latest rabbit wall stickers with you today – and I finished them just in time for Easter! I absolutely adore rabbits – which is why I love this time of year! Everywhere you look are cute images of rabbits, and this makes me very happy.

The rabbit wall stickers are now available for your nursery from the Fairy Caravan online shop!

I think rabbit wall stickers are perfect for decorating your nursery – who can resist those long ears and soft cuddly bodies? To make these images extra versatile, I have kept them gender neutral. I thought it was time to add some gender neutral images to my wall sticker ranges for three reasons:

  • You could use them for either a boy or a girl’s room.
  • They would be great for those mums who would like to start decorating their nursery, but who prefer not to know the gender of their baby before he/she is born.
  • If you have twins or siblings of both genders sharing a room, these rabbit wall stickers would be ideal.

The neutral colour scheme of these rabbit wall stickers can be matched to a similarly neutral colour scheme for your nursery, or you could mix them with any colour scheme of your choice.

I would love to hear from you if you would like to use these wall stickers in your nursery. Which colours would you like to combine with the rabbit wall stickers? Are you choosing them for a girl or a boy’s room, or both? Or do you prefer not to know the gender of your baby? Send me an email or leave a comment below this blog post! 🙂


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