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Preparing your little one for the arrival of a new sibling

Preparing your little one for the arrival of a new sibling

My play therapist friend, Lenka de Villiers-van Zyl, recently wrote a lovely article about preparing for the arrival of a new sibling. In this article, Lenka shares some very helpful advice about how parents can support and prepare a child when they become an older brother or sister to a new baby.

A special doll to care for

Lenka says that it can be helpful to give your older child a special doll so that they can have their own "baby" to take care of.

This was exactly what my mom did when I was about 2 years old and my baby sister arrived! My mom and I used to put our babies in their prams and go for a walk around the block to get our babies to fall asleep. My "baby" always fell asleep first of course!

Lenka and I have spoken often about how perfect the fairy baby dolls are for a new big brother or big sister: They are small, they look like newborn babies, and they are safe enough for even very young children and toddlers to play with.

In fact, preparing a child for the arrival of a new sibling was the inspiration for one of our stories as well!

A story that can help

In the story Fantine and the Fairy Babies / Fantine en die Feetjie Babas, Fantine feels sad when none of the fairies want to accept her offers to help with the fairy babies. But then Fantine proves that she can help take care of them in her own special way...

Fantine's story would be the perfect starting point for a conversation about how things may change once a new baby arrives.

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