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Introducing our new Fairy Daisy doll!

Introducing our new Fairy Daisy doll!

The fairy dolls have a new little sister! Our new Fairy Daisy doll is a real beauty – if I’m allowed to say this of my own “child”!

I wanted to add another African doll to our little family, so that the fairy dolls could be more representative of our beautiful Rainbow Nation! At the same time, I didn’t really want to add a completely new fairy to the collection.

I like the fact that the four existing fairies are representative of the four temperaments from the ancient Greek theory. These are Sanguine (Daisy), Choleric (Poppy), Phlegmatic (Violet) and Melancholic (Lily). So instead of inventing a whole new personality, I decided to make an alternative version of fairy Daisy.

The two different versions of the fairy Daisy dollWhat does the “older” Daisy think of her new little sister?

Having a Sanguine personality, fairy Daisy is the “people-oriented extrovert”. So I couldn’t have given her a better gift than a little sister to play with! Both light and dark Daisies are chatterboxes who love to play and frolic! And they can literally talk to each other all day!

Being so friendly and outgoing, the new Daisy has also made friends with all of the other fairy dolls. Their favourite thing to do together is to play outside, where they like to discover interesting plants and insects.

Will the new Daisy eventually “replace” her older sister?

I don’t think I will stop making either version of fairy Daisy anytime soon! Fairy Daisy has been very popular, and over the past few years she has been sent to make quite a lot of little girls happy.

My wish for the new Daisy is that she will follow in her older sister’s footsteps as far as popularity is concerned!

Over the next couple of months I will be hard at work making dolls and animal pillows so that the Fairy Caravan shop will be ready to fulfill Christmas wishes when the festive season shopping season kicks off in November!

But that doesn’t mean that you have to wait until November to order your favourite doll! You can find our new fairy Daisy and her sisters in our magical shop right now by clicking here.

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