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Fairy Caravan is undergoing a metamorphosis!

Fairy Caravan is undergoing a metamorphosis!

We are busy undergoing a metamorphosis and will be changing Fairy Caravan’s name! I started Fairy Caravan in September 2012, and over the years this business name has served me well. The name and logo has been general enough to encompass all that I have focused on in the business so far.

For the past few months, however, I have been thinking about changing the name of the business, to reflect where we are now. After careful consideration, we’ve decided on a new name. This name will better describe the work that Lenka and I are doing at the moment. We’ve been working on the stories together since 2017, and we feel that our focus has been on the same vision for long enough to justify the name change.

We wanted a name for the business that is more specific and descriptive of our vision for creating helpful and caring books and stories that support the emotional development of young children.

We are going to keep the name secret for a little while longer. I’ve decided to use the upcoming holiday season to get everything ready to launch the new business name in 2020.

You are welcome to contact me if you have any questions. I will be excitedly working on all of the tasks in preparation for our next big and exciting metamorphosis!

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