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Do you need a children’s book about anxiety?

Do you need a children's book about anxiety?

A few weeks ago I shared a few thoughts about how our new book can assist children who suffer from anxiety to deal with their worries. This made me think about all of the different people who may need a children's book about anxiety. Today I would like to share these ideas with you!

You may need the book that Lenka and I have written about anxiety if:

  • You have/know a child who struggles with anxiety
  • If you'd like to help other children understand children who suffer from anxiety better. (i.e. The book may help with teaching children empathy.)
  • You work in the field of play therapy/child psychology and could use the book as a therapeutic tool.
  • You work with children as a nursery school teacher/au pair/in an after-care or at a créche.
  • You are looking for stories with an emotional focus as a way of starting a conversation about emotions with young children
  • You like the illustrations and design of the book.
  • You are looking for children's stories that are new and slightly different from what is currently available in bookstores.

Need a book?

Are you one of the people on this list and wondering where you could get hold of a copy (or two!) of our book? You will find them in our magical Fairy Caravan shop - click on the language of your choice below to order your copy today!

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