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My Creative Manifesto

Fairy Caravan creative manifesto 2014

New Year – New Creative Manifesto!

I always get so excited about entering a new year – I love the promise of endless possibilities and opportunities, and I love spending time planning the things that I’d like to get done. Of course this also means lots of time thinking and being introspective – and I guess that’s another reason why I like this time of year so much! As an introvert I find that the festive season can be quite demanding and I like the opportunity to spend some quiet time thinking about what lies ahead.

All of this thinking has led me to develop a creative manifesto for my business. These thoughts may seem familiar to you – I’ve been playing with a version of them for a while now. But I’ve recently had encouragement to develop them some more, and eventually I managed to break my creative manifesto down to three core beliefs:


Where do my beliefs come from?

A big part of my art education was focused on children’s book illustration, but I’ve always felt frustrated with the slow pace at which things happen in the publishing world. I also have a very serious independent streak, which means that I enjoy working on my own projects more than anything. So I decided to start my own business, and that was the beginning of Fairy Caravan!

I held on to the aspects of children’s book illustration that I absolutely love, and these aspects are all part of Fairy Caravan today. I love old-fashioned children’s book illustrations. I love working in traditional media such as pencils and watercolours. I love creating fantasy worlds that stimulate the imagination. And I love the innocence of small children, and I am always very mindful of preserving a sense of innocence in my illustrations.

What do you believe?

Do you share my beliefs in the magic of telling stories with pictures, and that stories should be found everywhere they can be enjoyed?

Do you believe in sharing your magic with the world? I would very much like you to do exactly that – we all have different kinds of magic that we need to share with the world. Perhaps you are a fantastic cook, or a great listener, or an amazing parent! I would like to challenge you to share your magic with us in 2014 – and you are welcome to share your plans for doing just that in the comments below!

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