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Children can enjoy our online stories without a device

Children can enjoy our online stories without a device

We’ve designed our eBooks in such a way that you can enjoy our online stories without a device if you prefer! Because our stories should always be safe and beneficial to little ones.

I’m sure that you have read one or more of the many articles that have been written about how detrimental the use of screens and smart devices can be to developing young minds. Young children who are allowed to use devices can develop problems ranging from an inability to concentrate to issues with self-regulation to disturbed sleep patterns and many more.

In 2013 the US Department of Health recommended that children under two years of age should not be in front of a screen at all, and over that age the maximum leisure screen time should be no more than two hours a day.

Why even create eBooks for children?

It is clear that children should be spending less, if any time at all, looking at the screen on a device. Why then, do I still offer eBooks in the Fairy Caravan Shop?

Creating digital stories offers me the flexibility to hone my storytelling skills. It enables me to find out what works directly from the audience who is enjoying the stories. 

Since I first started publishing my children’s stories online, I’ve actually written many more stories than the ones currently available in our shop. When I started working with play therapist Lenka in 2017, we looked at all of the stories that already had a therapeutic message and decided to develop those stories into safe to use, digital packages.

Our new eBooks and Audiobooks for children are available now!

What makes our eBooks different?

When you purchase one of our eBooks, you receive the following downloadable files:

  • A link to the online story page (Illustrated in full colour, view-able on all devices)
  • printable story PDF (A4 size, Illustrated in full colour) 
  • An audio book file in English (MP3 format)
  • Printable story questions for discussion

Online stories without a device

As you can see, it is definitely possible to enjoy these online stories without a device. Even the online story version is not animated and functions much like an “old-fashioned” book. You can print the story PDF which will give you a paper copy of the story and illustrations.

Also included is a sound file that little ones can listen to. This is great for listening to in a car, while travelling. Children can listen to the story with or without looking at the story illustrations. Listening to stories is a fantastic way of developing a child’s imagination!

The story questions offer wonderful ideas for starting interesting discussions about the story with your child.

Because I don’t have to have these stories printed as books, I can offer them at very affordable prices. Visit our shop today to see if there is a story or two that will take your little one’s fancy!

As an added bonus you can also subscribe to our newsletter to receive access to our library of creative, downloadable resources to use at home, in school or as part of therapy. Many of these resources are connected to our digital stories!

P.S. ons stories en aktiwiteite is ook in Afrikaans beskikbaar!

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